Sunday - 11/12/2016

JetBlue was offering $54 Flights to Cuba, Vegas, and Florida
JetBlue's 12-day December to Adventure campaign is back following some technical difficulties during a site "meltdown."

Last week you were able to purchase a flight to Cuba for just $54. That Thursday deal has come and gone, but there are still many opportunities you can take advantage of.


According to the site, flights are available from December 8 to Febrauary 28, "though blackout dates apply for the second half of December."


This hot and cold deal is fun. What you are suggested to do is check the JetBlue site every day until December 16th  for fun deals. 


For example, Sunday's deal you get 50% off from Lyft on your first ride after you open a new account. 


Past deals included "R&R in the Dominican and Puerto Rico" with fares from $20 one-way. They also offered the same amount for fares to Florida, Vegas and California. Keep checking on the site daily, you never know what you'll find.